IV-Intern Visa
Please finalize your travel arrangements only after you obtain an appropriate visa. VFS / Embassy of India, Belgium will not be responsible for any inconvenience/problems faced as a result of finalizing travel plans before obtaining your appropriate visa. The decision to grant the duration of visa is made solely by the Embassy of India.

Intern Visa: Please Click on (Checklist and additional forms) to Complete your online application form and print it.

Intern Visa is granted to foreign national/Students who want to visit India to undergo Internship in some company, institution in India. Normally, a multiple entry Intern visa upto one year is granted by the Embassy of India, Brussels.. A visa applicant is eligible for  Intern visa if his / her purpose of visit to India is any of the following:-

The Internship Visa will be granted after completion of graduation/ post-graduation but the gap between the completion of graduation/ post-graduation and the commencement of the internship should not be more than one year.

Visa will be granted only on the basis of a letter from the Indian Company/Educational Institution concerned sponsoring the applicant for the internship programme and clearly indicating the period of internship.

Earnings from internship of the applicant with Indian companies/Educational Institutions/NGOs will be subject to the Indian Income Tax regulations.

Under no circumstances, the intern will be allowed to take up employment in India immediately after completion of the internship programme.

All applicants for internship sponsored by AIESEC will have to meet the above mentioned conditions

(i) The visa service will be open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
(ii) Applicants will need to present themselves in person at any of the following Visa Centres:
Residents of Belgium:
India Visa Application Centre, 19, Avenue Emile De Mot, 1000, Brussels (Tuesday/ Thursday from 9 to 12 noon)
India Visa Collection Centre, 62 Vestingstraat, 1Floor, 2018 Antwerp (Tuesday/ Thursday from 10 to 12 noon)
Residents of Luxembourg:
India Visa Collection Centre, 66 Rue Des Celtes, 1318 Luxembourg (Tuesday / Thursday from 10 to 12 noon)
(iii) Prior appointment over telephone or in person must be made at the Visa Centre’s for submission of visa application(s).
(iv) Processing time for a visa is 4 to 5 weeks. Applicants are therefore advised to apply well in advance of the proposed date of travel to ensure that they get a visa in time.
(v) British nationals may continue to apply directly at the High Commission of India, London through the India Visa Application Centre’s in London with no Additional service fee.

Please Note: Please note that only applicant with Belgian or Luxemburg passport are allowed to apply for the Business Visa, as per the directives from the Embassy of India, Brussels.
Non Belgian nationals can apply provided they are domiciled in Belgium or Luxemburg for at least two years. They need to attach a copy of resident card of last 2 years validity. If the card is 17 or 18 months old then, they need to attach some type of resident proof (telephone bills, electricity bills etc) showing the stay for 2 years