Additional Services
1. Photo Booth: The photobooth has been installed in the India Visa application centre to facilitate the applicants to take photo as per specifications at nominal price of 3 Euros
2. Internet Kiosk: The internet Kiosk for filling Online application form has been installed at India visa application centre , Brussels to facilitate the applicants to fill online form at the centre at 1 Euros. The cost for using the computer for 30 mnts 3 euros (Computer internet facility).
3. Electronic print out of the Belg ID card with card reader at a cost of 0.45 Eurocent per ID print out
4. Courier Services: Insured courier delivery of the passports after the grant of visa at the rate of 20 Euros per passport.
5. Photocopy Machine: Photocopies of documents can be done at a normal rate of 0.25 cents per copy.