Visa Applying Process
Step 1 : Click, “All About Visas”. Confirm the visa type based on your reason for travel; do not make any confirmed bookings.
Step 2 : After selecting the visa category in ”All About Visas”. Please Click on (Checklist and additional forms) to complete your online application form.
Step 3 : If the application has been completed you must download & print all form/s, read and complete Checklist, Print Declaration form and sign it, Photocopy of Belgian/Luxemburg residence card to be attached with all applications, paste photos one on the front right corner of form and other on second page below the signature. Staple all documents together and bring in person to the India Visa application centre in Brussels, Antwerp or Luxemburg.
Step 4 : Check fees payable, payment options and documents required. All such details can be found in the respective visa categories under the section. Please note, fee is calculated in this formula (Visa fee+ ICWF fee+ Service Charges= Total visa fee to be deposited by applicant).
Step 5 : Sign form/s at all indicated places.
Step 6 : Ensure photos are strictly as per specifications (50mmx50mm). Photo booth at Brussels has been installed to facilitate the applicants to take pictures at a normal price of 3 Euros.
Step 7 : Check processing time to plan your travel accordingly.
Step 8 : Attach all supporting documents required as per the Checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.
Step 9 : Submit your Application along with the passport and required documents at any of our India Visa Application Centre in Brussels, Antwerp and Luxemburg IVAC address by person to the respective officer.
Step 10 : Track your application” online.